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Advisory Services

“Making better real estate decisions”


Dorr Capital's advisory team brings a cooperative approach to understanding critical and complex real estate issues and identifying potential opportunities and challenges.  From developers and investors to lenders, we offer you the experience, know-how, and develop an action plan that leads to better decisions. Virtually everything you need to enhance the value of your business, you’ll find at Dorr Capital.

Dorr Capital is able to professionally present your financing requirements to the lending and investment communities. Our depth of knowledge and expertise in the industry extends collectively over 60 years, ensuring that you always get the best advice and the best structure for your real estate financing needs.



Our investment strategy encompasses preservation of our investors’ capital and maximizing their return on capital. This is achieved in investing in residential and commercial construction mortgages from professional, trustworthy and experienced borrowers with quality investment opportunities.



Our solid underwriting strategies are based on our in-depth knowledge of real estate values, prudent lending practices, and regular monitoring of each loan’s performance.


After analyzing the deal, we will present the various structures in a clear, concise loan presentation clearly communicating to potential lenders the merits of the proposed deal and ensuring lenders are equipped to make quick and informed decisions.



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