Dorr Capital allows developers and builders to look to a trusted and experienced source to borrow money when financial institutions are unable to do so. Dorr Capital has placed mortgage loans to borrow money ranging from $0.3 million – $55 million, primarily focused on land development, land servicing, and construction loans in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH).

We provide added value for clients who borrow money with us by providing consistent well-structured capital that allows them to complete their real estate developments.

We assist our clients by simplifying the mortgage approval and borrower funding process. After analyzing the deal, we will outline the various structures available to borrow money. Dorr Capital takes the time to understand your project fully and structure financing that is flexible and responds to needs as they arise. We present a clear, concise mortgage presentation and negotiate with potential lenders on your behalf to obtain the best possible financing package for each deal.

Clients who borrow money with Dorr Capital has our best interests in striving to provide expert advice with no obligation and work with you through every stage of your project. See our simple 8-step process to borrow money:

The Deal Process