Dorr Capital offers commercial lending services to private lenders including private mortgage lenders and institutional investors. We are committed to providing the level of service expected by our most sophisticated institutional commercial lending investors.

Dorr Capital has placed mortgage loans ranging from $0.3 million – $55 million, focused primarily on land development, land servicing, and construction loans in the Greater Toronto Area and the Greater Golden Horseshoe. We offer commercial lending opportunities in residential and commercial real estate through first and second mortgages.

Dorr Capital’s advanced mortgage investment strategies goal is to preserve and maximize the commercial lending returns on capital. These alternative commercial lending investment solutions are found in residential and commercial construction mortgages from professional, trustworthy, and experienced borrowers.

Syndicated mortgage loan opportunities with Dorr are offered on a deal by deal basis. Risk is managed through conservative and diligent underwriting and focused loan servicing. We offer mezzanine financing that goes beyond traditional financial institutions that no longer offer competitive terms and loan structures that today’s developers need to be successful.

Dorr Capital provides a variety of quality mortgage investment opportunities in mezzanine, equity, and land financing. We offer value to our commercial lending clients in the following ways:

Providing Value to Lenders