Dorr Capital offers a variety of construction and land development loans to suit a wide range of land development financing for our clients. We are your specialized commercial mortgage broker in the following transaction types:

Land Loans

Conventional and high ratio land acquisition loans (up to 80% loan to value)

Land Development Loans

Land development and servicing loans against future serviced lot values, recoverable costs and residual land (up to 90% loan to costs)

Revolving Construction Loans

Construction of single family and townhome projects (up to 100% of hard costs)

Mezzanine Financing

Hybrid of debt and equity used by a commercial mortgage broker to assist owners/developers with equity requirements of conventional mortgage financing. Used in construction loans, condo-inventory loans, re-leasing, and renovating vacant buildings

Condominium Construction Loans

Cost to complete construction loans for low, mid and high-rise condominium projects (up to 85% loan to costs)

Commercial Construction Loans

Construction of single or multi-tenant commercial buildings such as retail, industrial, office, storage, hotel (up to 85% loan to costs)

Equity Financing

Postponed and subordinated equity and mezzanine loans, with Dorr Capital providing own equity and investors

Commercial Term Financing

Long-term financing for income producing assets including residential apartment buildings, retail buildings, office buildings, industrial buildings, and special purpose

Inventory Financing

Financing for completed inventory units (up to 75% loan to value)


Lot Value Report

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