Decade of Opening Door’s and $1.91 Billion later

Published On: 30 September 2021Categories: by Dorr Capital, Press Release

Dorr Capital celebrates 10 years of growth and partnership

TORONTO – September 27, 2021 — As the Drake song goes  “We started from the bottom now we here…” With $1.91 Billion in loans under administration over the last 10 years, Dorr Capital has enjoyed a truly impressive growth year-over-year. 2021 marks their 10 year anniversary. “When I think back on our 10 years in business, we really did start at the bottom. Through hard work, a hand-picked team of commercial real estate mortgage experts, and the strength of our partnerships, we have grown to a trusted leader,” says Brian Dorr, President and Chief Executive Officer.

The journey started in 2011;  the global financial crisis was still settling in Canada, the big banks were tightening their mortgage loan policies and the housing shortage continued. With experience from CMHC, Infrastructure Ontario and other commercial mortgage companies, Brian Dorr launched a unique commercial real estate mortgage brokerage, specific to land and construction-development. Initially it was brokering deals between builder-developers and private banks; that progressed to mortgage administration and then into syndicated mortgages. With a solid business foundation and a strong reputation, Dorr Capital launched RealAlt InvestmentsTM a Mortgage Fund Trust in 2021.

The ongoing partnership with developers like Freure Homes based in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario is the essence of Dorr Capital’s work ethic.  Dorr Capital has over 65% repeat business. With Freure Homes, one deal led to the next and next and next. “They (Dorr Capital) have a solid understanding of our business, the lenders, our clients, great understanding of the projects and numbers, and matching the right people with the project. Partnership is essential to any project.” Andy Kotsovos, CFO Freure homes.

Through the pandemic in 2020, Dorr Capital had a record number of deals closed and dollar value of loans. They were able to access funds from private lending institutions and investors to ensure follow through and commitments to projects started before the Covid-19 pandemic hit and closing deals during the pandemic. Another 15 deals were in the balance of the pandemic 2020. “We are very good at underwriting and financing,” says Riccardo Plati, Executive Vice President “and the real success is we help solve problems and create solutions that build long term partnerships.”

Dorr Capital may have started from the bottom, but through hard work, dedication and commitment to staff, clients and customers; this is the reason why they are celebrating 10 years of success. #alwayslearning

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About Dorr Capital

Since 2011, Dorr Capital Corporation has built a reputation as one of the industry leaders in the alternative private lending space and syndicated investments for high-net-worth individuals. In 2021  launched a High Yield Mortgage fund Trust – RealAlt InvestmentsTM for all investors. They specialize in land and construction loans to home builder-developers in Ontario.

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