Investor Opportunity

pmibuildingDorr Capital creates an opportunity for private investors to invest in mortgages in the Canadian real estate sector (for example, a large subdivision of new homes). Dorr Capital works with developers to help source financing. When creating financial loan structures for developers, we source capital from financial institutions and our private investors. We are looking for investors with high integrity, some knowledge of the real estate market, and those wanting to diversify their investment funds.

We are results driven with two main objectives for our private investors, to preserve capital and maximize return. Commercial mortgage real estate investing allows you to earn more than acceptable fixed returns while offering monthly cash flow options and tangible security on real estate.

Investment Facts

As of January 2020, we have placed $111 million in loans under administration with private and institutional investors. Our investor partners play a significant part in our success. These investments were placed in either first or second mortgages with a blended rate of ~10%, and with a Loan-to-Value (LTV) for private investments of 70%

Superior Underwriting Drives our Performance

Dorr Capital seeks to provide options unique to each of our clients, and enables an investment portfolio with strong security and performance to private mortgage investors with our strengths in sourcing quality mortgage investment opportunities, underwriting, assessing risk, and loan administration. Dorr Capital encompasses a highly developed and successful underwriting process that has been created and tested by our internal experts with over 50 years of industry experience. Our superior underwriting ranks above institutional grade.

A Real Investment Example

Let’s see what happens over 12 months if you invest $200,000 with us at last years first mortgage interest rate of 9.23%

After the first year, you earn a profit of $18,460

Let’s break that down by months:

$18,460 /   12 = $1538.33

That means that every month, you will receive a payment of approximately $1538

Dorr Capital has been qualified by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) regulations.