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Custom-built commercial lending

Dorr Capital has over 50 years of experience, knowledge and relationships in the commercial mortgage industry. Our team of dedicated professionals help developers and builders source money when traditional financial institutions are unable to do so. Drawing upon our strong relationships within the community, we help source capital for the purchase, development, refinance or equity of your development or building projects.

Dorr Capital has placed mortgage loans to borrow as high as $73.6 million. In 2021, our average loan size was $18.8 million. Our primary area of focus is land development, land servicing and construction loans in the Greater Toronto Area and Greater Golden Horseshoe in Ontario, Canada. We work with developers and builders as partners, sharing the same goal of achieving a win-win financing structure. This solid relationship ensures your project’s success, and increases the likelihood that you come to us with your next project.

We Simplify the process.

We provide expert advice and work with you through every stage of your project. We assist you by simplifying the mortgage approval and borrowing funding process. After analyzing the deal, we outline the various financing structures available. Dorr Capital takes the time to understand your project fully and structure financing that is flexible and able to respond to needs as they arise. We present a clear, concise mortgage presentation and negotiate with potential lenders on your behalf to obtain the best possible financing package for each deal.

Dorr Capital Developer Construction Site
Dorr Capital Connection With Developer

Financing built for you.

Dorr Capital is a specialized commercial real estate mortgage lender and broker. We offer a variety of construction and land development loans to suit a wide range of financing for our partners. We source financing from institutional lenders, our investors and our own capital. We provide valuable solutions to increase efficiency and promote more effective use of time value of money. When you choose Dorr Capital as your trusted mortgage loan originator, you experience our customized and professional loan administration services.

Dorr Capital Connection with Developer

Dorr Capital is licensed by FSRA as a commercial mortgage broker. We can act as an intermediary who brokers mortgage loans on your behalf. We customize our loans according to your needs and find an appropriate lender or investors to fit the best structure of the loan for you.

We specialize in loans and financing such as:

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  • Land

  • Land Development

  • Revolving Construction

  • Condominium Construction

  • Commercial Construction

  • Mezzanine

  • Equity

  • Commercial Term

  • Inventory

Our 8-step financing process

Dorr Capital 8-step Financing Process
Dorr Capital 8-step Financing Process