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Our investment strategy encompasses preservation of our investors’ capital and maximizing their return on capital. This is achieved in investing in residential and commercial construction mortgages from professional, trustworthy and experienced borrowers with quality investment opportunities.


We syndicate loan opportunities on a deal by deal basis. We manage risk through conservative and diligent underwriting and focused loan servicing.


We offer mezzanine financing that tops up traditional financial institutions that no longer offer competitive terms and loan structures that today’s developers need to be successful.


A typical mezzanine mortgage in our portfolio has an interest rate of 12% per annum, and up to 24 month term with monthly interest only mortgage payments. Mortgage loan amounts are generally $1,500,000 to a maximum of $20,000,000.


Our construction loan portfolio’s return to investors was between 11.8% and 18%, averaging a strong 14%. Our land and land development loan portfolio’s return to investors was between 13% and 14%, averaging 13.5%.

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