What we offer

Dorr Capital operates in a bespoke investment market – private debt. We have placed $1.5 Billion in loans under administration with private and institutional investors over the last 10 years.

  • Between 7% and 16% return per year

  • The security of your investment on the borrower’s property

  • Monthly interest payments from the mortgage borrower

  • Zero expense to investor

  • Diversification from traditional investing

  • Split your capital into multiple loans

  • Customize your yield preference, location and loan type

  • Tax benefits through tax deferment

Dorr Capital Traditional Lenders
Tailored terms and conditions Inflexible terms and conditions
Integrity and speed of execution Lengthy approvals with the risk of change without notice
Transparent approvals supported by rigorous risk management processes, due diligence and operational strength Cumbersome and inconsistent processes
Solutions oriented with a focus on investor needs One solution for all
Dorr Capital Traditional Lenders
Tailored terms and conditions Inflexible terms and conditions
Integrity and speed of execution Lengthy approvals with the risk of change without notice
Transparent approvals Cumbersome and inconsistent processes
Solutions oriented One solution for all

Investment Facts

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Investment in Loans
Average Return on Investment

Investment Opportunity

Dorr Capital creates opportunities for private investors to invest in residential and commercial construction mortgages in the Canadian real estate sector – for example, a large subdivision of new homes. It is our goal to open the mortgage investment market to private investors and diversify their investment portfolio as an alternative to traditional stock and bond assets. Our mortgage investment opportunities are in the Greater Toronto Area and the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

We are results-driven with two main objectives for our private investors: to preserve capital and maximize return.

Dorr Capital sources financing for experienced, professional developers. When creating financial loan structures for developers, we source capital from financial institutions and private investors. We provide investors with a variety of quality mortgage investment opportunities in mezzanine, equity and land financing. A range of private mortgages in different locations, secured by different types of real estate and varying levels or returns, provides us the opportunity to meet each investor’s criteria.

Commercial mortgage real estate investing allows you to earn more than acceptable fixed returns while offering monthly cash flow options and tangible security on real estate.

A Real Investment Example

Superior underwriting drives our performance

Dorr Capital employs a well-developed and successful underwriting process created and tested by our internal experts with over 88 years of industry experience. When completing the process, our underwriters seek out information related to the economics of the deal: a market analysis that looks at competing projects and the overall market, a client analysis and Dorr Capital’s own risk rating.

We then provide the merits of the proposed deal in a clear and concise loan presentation with complete transparency so that investors have all the knowledge needed to make an informed decision. Our superior underwriting ranks above institutional grade.

  • Land ready for development (up to 80% loan to cost)
  • Second mortgage loans for income producing properties (combined debt service coverage of 1.05 times)
  • Second mortgages for residential, commercial and retail properties (up to 85% loan to cost)
  • Short term bridge lending (up to 85% loan to cost)
  • Development of residential and commercial projects (up to 90% loan to cost)
  • Land development and servicing loans supported by future serviced lot values, recoverable costs and residual land (up to 90% loan to cost)
  • Conventional and high-ratio land acquisition loans (up to 80% loan to value)
  • We arrange/structure equity finance deals in conjunction with senior debt and mezzanine finance to enhance investors’ mortgage investment yield
  • Investors are provided a detailed and timely project summary and presentation

How it works

Dorr Capital investment process desktop
Dorr Capital investment process mobile