Dorr Capital provides loan administration services for all our clients. As a professional corporation, our services value our clients and look to understand their needs to build strong relationships. We utilize a robust range of specialized expertise in loan administration services and accounting for positive cash flows. Partnering with Dorr Capital and our services presents a steady compounding method to reach a greater level of financial freedom. Investors looking to outsource their mortgage portfolios choose Dorr Capital because we provide superior full loan administration services packages including client care and documentation, collection and default management, information security, regulatory requirements and disaster recovery programs, as well as general loan administration services.

For private mortgage lenders who are currently self-administering, Dorr Capital provides a valuable solution to increase efficiency and promote more effective use of the time value of money. Choose Dorr Capital as your trusted mortgage loan originator and experience our customized and professional loan administration services.

Client care and documentation

Dorr Capital provides a simple and seamless experience to clients. We are quick to respond to all inquiries and provide all the required documentation as requested.

Loan administration services

Dorr Capital provides regular management reports that meet the highest regulatory standards and consistently helps investors clearly understand their investments and the decisions involved in mortgage loan origination.

Collection and default management

Dorr Capital has over 50 years of collective mortgage loan originator expertise, and experience in property and default management. Dorr Capital will exercise any collection and default management procedures as required to secure the investor’s position.

Regulatory requirements and disaster recovery programs

Dorr Capital meets all regulatory requirements, including audit and insurance standards, anti-money laundering, and business continuity planning.

Information security

One of Dorr Capital’s top priorities is to maintain the integrity of your personal financial information. By providing the latest technology and ensuring our continued staff training to deal with all security issues, Dorr Capital takes every precaution to keep your data safe.