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We have the flexibility and expertise to understand a projects’ potential. We work with the borrower to identify risks, we manage and create innovative financial solutions matching the borrower’s needs with the right lenders and investors.

Dorr Capital can accommodate your construction financing needs. We work with both small and large builders and can provide land loans, land development loans, condominium construction loans, revolving construction loans, commercial construction loans and inventory loans.

Construction Financing


Dorr Capital can use mezzanine and equity financing to enhance yield and improve the return on investments for your projects. We are able to bridge the gaps in your equity. We provide all types of debt including first and second mortgages and mezzanine loans.

Mezzanine & Equity Financing


Our solid underwriting strategies are based on our in-depth knowledge of real estate values, prudent lending practices, and regularly monitoring of each loan’s performance. We have excellent relationships with over 50 term lenders across Canada, pension funds, credit unions and insurance companies, giving us the latitude to provide our clients with a full spectrum of options. We provide continuity to your lender relationships and cut through the bureaucratic systems (BS) that slow down and frustrate your plans.

Commercial Term Financing


Dorr Capital provides loan servicing solutions for private lenders, trust companies, life insurers, banks and other institutional lines of business to help you pursue your growth strategies. Investors who outsource with us enjoy the benefits of being able to focus on key investment decisions for their mortgage portfolios while we take care of all the back-end paperwork.

Outsourced Mortgage Servicing


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