Dorr Capital creates an opportunity for private mortgage investors to invest in Canadian real estate. As of January 2020, Dorr Capital has placed approximately $1,232.5 billion in mortgage investment opportunities with a net average interest rate of 7.1%. We are results driven with two main objectives for our private mortgage investors, to preserve capital and maximize return. Mortgage investing allows you to earn more than acceptable fixed returns while offering monthly cash flow options and tangible security on real estate.

Private mortgage investors must be qualified as per FSRA regulations, or consider to be a non-qualified investor, with a maximum investment of $60,000.

Dorr Capital seeks to provide options unique to each of our clients, as mortgage and real estate related investments are becoming increasingly popular with investors seeking alternatives to traditional equity and fixed-income products. Dorr Capital enables an investment portfolio with strong security and performance to private mortgage investors with our strengths in sourcing quality mortgage investment opportunities, underwriting, assessing risk, and loan administration.

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