Message from the President – Rising Rates, Hot Inflation, and What It Means for Canadian Real Estate – part 2 of 3

2023-05-17T12:31:44-04:0025 June 2022|Dorr Insider Report|

The U.S. economy has a GDP roughly 12x the size of Canada. Yet both economies rank in the top 10 worldwide and are heavily developed North American markets. Typically, many [...]

Message from the President – Here we go again: Turbulence in the Canadian Economy – part 1 of 3

2023-05-17T12:33:05-04:0025 May 2022|Dorr Insider Report|

Lately, there has been a lot of chatter about several new macroeconomic forces at play, and one word sums up what happened in markets the last quarter – turbulence. There [...]

Stability vs Volatility, A Recurring Theme in the Stock Markets

2023-05-17T13:03:54-04:0025 April 2022|Dorr Insider Report|

High market volatility has characterized the last few years, owing to various macroeconomic, financial, and health-related factors. This has been (and continues to be) a challenging period for investors, with [...]

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