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Published On: 20 July 2021Categories: by Dorr Capital

Weakness of Strength Theory is all about shifting your perspective to bring new opportunities into focus. Take for example the current state of the stock market: volatile, unpredictable, and chaotic. As an investor, you would be hard pressed to find a weaker option. So, let’s turn our attention to a sector that is so strong it’s shattering records month over month: the roaring fire that is the Canadian housing market.


When opportunity arrives on your doorstep, it’s wise to answer. In this case, opportunity is the doorstep. Or rather the house that it’s connected to. Real estate investing is nothing new. But many investors don’t realize is there are many different real estate investment options available. There are single family units like condos and homes, or multifamily units like apartment buildings, duplexes, and townhouse subdivisions. And these investment opportunities can be located in your home city or peppered throughout Ontario urban centers.


At Dorr Capital, we’re experts in bespoke land and construction loans and we specialize in linking investors with opportunities. It’s also why we’re excited to launch RealAlt Investment™, a private real estate debt fund that allows investors to connect with a large network of developers building communities across Ontario.


The RealAlt Investment™ fund gives investors the opportunity to participate in real estate debt investments that would normally be out of reach. It also provides superior risk-adjusted returns by directing capital to commercial real estate mortgages facilitated by Dorr Capital. We then partner with high-quality developers to support construction and development of the land and provide investors with monthly dividends.


You’ve probably heard the old adage not to keep all your eggs in one basket. That’s all well and good for stocks and bonds but we suggest looking for a new basket altogether, RealAlt Investment™, provides stability to investors and a more secure way to diversify their portfolios. And see it come to life without leaving your postal code.


When you invest in our fund, you join an exclusive club that share the risks and reap the rewards of investing in carefully selected projects, with pre-vetted developers, in strong markets. Less exposure, more stability, and access to major players that you won’t find with your financial advisor.


We like to keep things local – we live, invest, and play in the GTA. At Dorr Capital, we’ve been contributing to building communities, partnerships, and portfolios in Ontario for the past ten years and have the balance sheet to back it up. The famous American author Zig Ziglar might best known for saying, “Success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Consider this your formal meeting with opportunity.

Dorr Capital is a boutique mortgage investment corporation specializing in land and construction loans in the GTA. 416-484-9747

Belco Private Capital Inc. is RealAlt investments™, exempt market dealer.


Update – June 29/2021

We have launched RealAlt Investments – a Mortgage Fund Trust, licensed under the Exempt Market Dealer, investing in Land & Construction development, building communities in Ontario. For more information please visit this web page on our site.

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