Lessons in Investing: What we learned by navigating the pandemic

Published On: 20 July 2021Categories: by Dorr Capital

The pandemic has changed the course of history. We’ve seen cryptocurrency explode into mainstream investing, we’ve seen the stock market co-opted by a new class of investor hell-bent on upending the status quo, and we’ve seen the housing market defy logic, experts, and predictions to rocket real estate prices skyward with no end in sight.

To say the last 12 months have been unpredictable is an understatement so big it’s worthy of its own postal code. However, like Dorr Capital, many have been able to prosper thanks to a commitment to their core values, their customers, and their guiding philosophies.


Great athletes watch game tape. They break down wins and losses to see what works, and more importantly what doesn’t. At Dorr Capital, we might be 20-plus years removed from our last athletic championship, but we never lost our fiery competitive spirit. This past year was one of the strangest ones in recent memory. It was, however, also one of our most successful ones. We saw several big, exciting projects take shape, we added more clients, more partners and more customers to our roster, and we generated more value for our investors than ever before. Despite all of these exciting results, there was nothing flashy about how we got there.



Everyone loves a big win. Whether it’s beating the stock market or getting in on an investment before it blows up, a play with a strong return delivers more than just financial gains. There’s an excitement and an energy, that comes from tempting the unknown and coming out on top. While they might not look it at the time, usually those victories come from painstakingly pouring over the details of an investment and determining whether or not it’s worth the squeeze.



We knew this year would be a challenge. But we also knew our fundamentals were sound. So, while markets panicked, landscapes shifted, and competitors changed approach, we leaned on our core values even harder to deliver greater results.



According to some military scholars and barstool storytellers, the US Marine Corps’ unofficial slogan of ‘Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome’ came about because they were considered an afterthought of the American military and received hand-me-down equipment. Rather than throwing up their arms in defeat, they simply added resourcefulness to the top of their ‘mandatories’ list.

Whether or not this story contains some truth, the whole truth, or nothing but the truth, is up for debate, however, what it does contain for certain is an important lesson. We are always faced with obstacles and challenges in achieving that which we most desire. In our case, our primary goal is always to deliver superiors investment results to our loyal clients. This year, we had the added challenge of a completely new obstacle: Covid-19.

So, we improvised. We reached out to existing partners to renegotiate, refinance, and rework our deals to ensure all parties were satisfied.

We adapted. We worked from our kitchen tables, our basements, our cars, and even our office (albeit behind walls of plastic and layers of PPE). We screen shared, Zoomed, and phoned each other around the clock to ensure nothing was missed.

And we overcame. We reached out to competitors to offer support and share industry knowledge. We contacted clients whenever and wherever possible to maintain a steady stream of current information. And we supported our teammates like family because we knew it was the only way to get through this.

As we enter our third lockdown, it may feel like we’re right back where we started. But the truth is, we’re not. We may not know what comes next, but thanks to our sound investment fundamentals and our core values, we now know we have the grit and skills to weather even the most treacherous of storms.

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Update – June 29/2021

We have launched RealAlt Investments – a Mortgage Fund Trust, licensed under the Exempt Market Dealer, investing in Land & Construction development, building communities in Ontario. For more information please visit this web page on our site.

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